I studied engineering at Cambridge, graduating with first class honours. My Masters project was a computer vision system to classify breast cancer biopsy images.

I then lived in Beijing and studied Mandarin for a year.

After that I co-founded Songkick, the concert service. Songkick is used by 17 million music fans every month to discover concerts. I served as CEO for 8 years, scaling the business to $100m in sales and 120 people. Songkick was backed by Y Combinator, Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Access Industries.

In 2015, Songkick sued TicketMaster for antitrust violations and anticompetitive behaviour under the Sherman Act. The case was settled out of court in January 2018 for $130m. Songkick was acquired by Warner Music Group and continues to help people find concerts.

I am an angel investor in about 30 start-ups including, ASI Data Science, Avidbots,, CharlieHR, Cuvva, Fat Lama, GTN, Kheiron Medical, Nested, Thread, Tide Banking, Trussle. The main focus of my investing is applied machine learning or huge markets relatively unaffected by the internet so far (e.g. drug discovery, construction, education etc). Always open to hearing about cool stuff!

I love surfing and rock climbing. 

I'm on twitter as @soundboy.