Introducing the World Series: #1 Yancey Strickler

I love spending time with people who are creating something unusual. 

Those people are hard to track down in person. They often skip the conference circuit to spend more time working on their product or art. But if you travel to see them, over dinner and drinks you can learn so much about the process of creating something enduring.

I’ve been lucky to meet a ton of people like that over the past few years while building Songkick and I want to find a way to connect those creators in places like New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beijing and Tokyo with the growing community of people building interesting things in London.

I’m going to try a small experiment tomorrow night. I’ve rented a room that can hold just over 30 people at the Hoxton Hotel from 7-9pm, and put a deposit on the bar tab. My friend Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter is in town from New York. We’ll have a short Q&A between Yancey and I to introduce what he’s been doing and some of the unusual ways he and his team have approached things, then an open discussion with the room. Consider this the World Series #1!

If you’re building something in London, or excited about the intersection of technology, art, and culture, I’d love to see you there. Just drop me an email (ian.hogarth AT [google’s_mail]) to see if there’s space.