Pitchfork and Songkick

We just launched a new partnership with Pitchfork to integrate listings from Songkick  into Pitchfork’s core review pages. I’m out in California working round the clock as usual but even if only for myself I wanted to take a minute out of the waves of meetings and emails to remind myself what this means to me.

I have been reading Pitchfork since I was a teenager. I have found more music that I have fallen in love with through Pitchfork than through any other online service. They have made my life as a fan an order of magnitude richer. Ever since we started Songkick in 2007 it has been a dream to work with them. We have some amazing API partners - Bandcamp, HypeMachine, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube - they are all examples of companies I find inspiring, but still there’s just such a rush from finally getting this partnership live.

After years of being a founder Pitchfork now stands for something different than it did when I was a teenager or when we were getting started. It stands for building something that endures and gets better every year. Pitchfork has been getting better EVERY YEAR SINCE 1995. Outside of VICE it’s hard to think of a brand and team that has shown as much commitment to online media. How many great online music services have died in just the years while Songkick has been active? iLike, Imeem, MySpace, Lala - this shit is hard. Let alone when you consider everything that has happened since Pitchfork was founded. And yet they endure, improve and prosper.

Michelle, the whole team and I are really proud they chose us as a partner and can’t wait to do more together.