Gravity's Rainbow: Proverbs for Paranoids

I finally finished Gravity’s Rainbow. Has to be one of the longest, hardest books I’ve read. If you’re looking for a 1000 page meditation on paranoia, death and conspiracy, this is your number (00000)! For anyone who embarks on it, the final part after Slothrop’s mind starts to fragment is particularly hard work, but rewarding in the end. Thanks again to Dan for the recommendation back in the day.

“Personal density,” Kurt Mondaugen in his Peenemünde office not too many steps away from here, enunciating the Law which will one day bear his name, “is directly proportional to temporal bandwidth.”

“Temporal bandwidth,” is the width of your present, your now. It is the familiar “[delta-] t” considered as a dependent variable. The more you dwell in the past and in the future, the thicker your bandwidth, the more solid your persona. But the narrower your sense of Now, the more tenuous you are.