TL; DR as a service?

Part of the reason I’ve started this blog is to find more resonant moments.

Part of it is to explore thoughts that I can’t let go of.

But part of it is to try to get better at writing. I think the web has given greater and greater leverage to people who can express their ideas via keystrokes. Hackers and writers. Every day I read whatever keystrokes people like Fred Wilson, or danah boyd, or Ian Rogers decide to share with me. And I learn so much - about shared interests, and about them. I’d like to figure out if I can influence the things I love more effectively if I learn to write well.

I know there are emerging services that help people learn to turn keystrokes into code.

I would like to pay for a service that helps me turn keystrokes into good prose. I’d like it even more if it was somehow embedded within a blogging/writing platform so I could save the draft, hit ‘send to editor’ and get feedback from a professional writer.

I’m not interested in some machine learning semantic thing. I want a human at the other end of the line.

Does anyone know if this exists?